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24 Hour Fitness

During my time at Epsilon, I had the opportunity to develop brand-focused campaigns that told one cohesive story across multiple customer touchpoints including display advertising, app UX, direct mail, and email marketing. We also did traditional advertising such as radio, tv, and outdoor. In my time there I saw exponential growth not only in the size of our clients but also in revenue and influence we had over the work.


As the creative lead over the fitness group my goal was to drive acquisition for over 20% of the club fitness market including 24 Hour Fitness, Golds Gym, and Club Pilates.

The project here was the winning response to an RFP from 24 Hour Fitness and the work that won my agency group their largest client to date. 




I proposed a rebrand of 24 Hour Fitness not only to highlight their new ideology, of being more than a gym but also to correct a clear misrepresentation. 24 Hour Fitness is no longer open 24 hours per day like they were when the chain started back in 1996.

By evolving the logo to a more simplified version, 24 could better integrate their identity across all of their properties, including their app and digital presence. The simplification enabled us to use the brand in more impactful ways and leverage 24's color palette to allow a more fluid user experience for their app and drive acquisition. 



Boutique outfits like Crossfit and Orange Theory were changing the fitness landscape. "Big-box" gyms like 24 Hour Fitness were feeling the pressure from members leaving in droves. They needed a big idea to help the public understand that the gym was just one aspect of the 24 Hour Fitness experience. 24 had an app that facilitated fitness at home and on the go while allowing you to interact with your trainer and get content about nutrition and custom workouts.

I wrote the tagline "We Help You Help You" to describe the way 24 supports you and your goals, whether you're in the gym or not. Then we expounded from there with supporting taglines that followed the same line of thinking.



When redesigning the display ads for 24, the goal was to increase memberships by focusing on amenities. Raising the brand presence in the design hierarchy and reinforcing the CTA with brand color.




Email marketing is a massive part of 24's acquisition strategy, so when we performed the rebrand, it was a significant consideration. The brand was a focus as much as the experience of the new 24 app. My goal was to convey the amenities visually as to engage the viewer, giving special offers and unique lifestyle and nutritional content time to take root.




The work was so well received that we won the account in the room. After we presented the work, the Chief Marketing Officer for 24 said out loud, "Finally, an agency that gets it." This was then and still remains today, the largest client the fitness group at Epsilon has ever landed. 

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