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Intelligent Demand

A B2B agency born of a single idea; transform marketers into revenue leaders. 

When I joined ID at the start of 2020, they were a powerful group facing some challenging roads ahead. The future was unknown, but they were optimistic about going remote, maintaining their fantastic culture, and growing despite the odds. They had just come off of a tough year, and now we were heading into a pandemic. I was tapped to build their creative team from scratch and lead them into whatever lay ahead. We used remote working to leverage a greater talent pool and built a world-class creative team with a national footprint. The challenge was not only to hire excellent talent but to galvanize a team without them ever meeting in person. In the past couple of years, I've learned that management was my most significant accomplishment outside of the award-winning work the team put together for our now growing stable of clients. 


At ID we create campaigns that drive sales because our process starts by listening to sales—by mining for insights from present and past customers, uncovering the sticking points, and addressing those issues head-on. Our ideas accelerate sales because we create strategies born from sales. 


One Relationship, Generations of Care. 

When you're the innovator that created the concept of the HMO, you will have some competition that will copy your every move. In the healthcare industry, this copy-cat trend creates a "sea of sameness" that is undeniable. So, how do you distinguish yourself so your competition can't follow? By talking about something they can't, like 75 years of care and service that is as innovative in the market today as it was the day it was invented in 1945. Proactive care that keeps your workforce healthy so your business can thrive. 


See threats before they can do any harm. 

Is there such a thing as being overprotected when it comes to your data? We didn't think so either. Now, how do you protect against ever-changing, evolving threats hidden in a thick bank of fog? You can't see them; you don't know how many or how big and complex they are. Optiv can protect you and make you feel as safe as your Mom could. They can help you see through the fog and bring clarity to the most dangerous threats in whatever direction they come. 

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Stay Relevant

It's not about education; it's about survival. If a shark stops swimming, it will die, so what happens to your workforce if it doesn't keep up with a business world changing at light speed? Sure, "back in the day," when we went to an office and had in-person training, you may have had a fighting chance, but what about today? The classic training methods don't work, and staying relevant isn't a choice but a means for survival. Our campaign showed just what you looked like if you decided not to recognize that change wasn't just necessary but vital if you were hoping to stick around. 


Helping Ping personalize

Ping develops identity access management (IAM) software and operates in a fiercely competitive market full of well-known and well-funded players. The idea was to play off the IAM acronym to connect with their customers on a personal level. We believe the most powerful words in the English language come right after “I am.” So, when empowering prospects to take action, we showed them how a partnership with Ping would positively impact their customers. I AM BOLD. I AM OBSESSED. I AM FREE. Then sign off with the tagline “IAM with Ping” to bring it all home. 

Changing Cheetahs Spots

How does a company renowned for direct mail tell the world they are a digital-first agency that helps brands build loyalty programs? The answer is by selling the problem to solve which will change the customer's perception. Your prospects are as elusive as any mythical creature. For example, what do we really know about bigfoot? How can we learn the different wants of a centaur? What do aliens truly desire? If we engage with your customers with authenticity and trust they will invite us into the conversation and their lives, and bring themselves into the light. 

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The Team

Ben Marshall: Associate Creative Director

Jana Bender: Associate Creative Director

Katie Bernhiesel: Associate Creative Director

Pete Fenger: Associate Creative Director

Abbey Love: Sr Copywriter

Jason White: Sr Copywriter

JenRaye Adams: Sr Copywriter

Cristina Leopoldi: Sr Copywriter

Julie Carter: Sr Art Director

Marwan Salfiti: Sr Art Director

Phil Monette: Art Director

Leslie Pineda: Art Director

All Projects & Work

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